From Farm to Your Table – Journey of a Meat

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions poultry farm? Is it birds or the way they're reared? Or is it the meat that finally comes to your table that you savor so much? Now, let us go through steps by which a meat travels from a poultry farm to your table. Let this be your beginner's guide to knowing the food you indulge in so patiently because knowledge is always good.

So, first and foremost no matter which 
poultry farm it is chickens always begin their life journey in hatcheries. Hatcheries are the places where fertilized eggs are incubated so that later they could hatch into hatch chickens which could be raised for meat. The poultry farm in Romania is one of the best farms to have a world-class hatchery that provides a healthy chicken.

Moving ahead, these small birds, called as broilers, are then transferred to a farm, be it local or a large one like the Romanian poultry farm. These are the farms where these birds are reared and kept to live and grow. Later, when these chickens have reached a time when they're big enough to be sold for meat, they're sent to the market.

However, before they're sent to be processed for meat it is necessary for every farm owner to ensure that they're ready to be transported to become meat. Thus, just like humans, these chicken are kept in an environment which ensures that they're healthy to be processed. But if any chicken falls ill, they're not allowed to enter the meat market as they're not fit for consumption. The poultry farm in Romanian is super strict about this rule and makes sure that the chicken shipped from their farm is healthy and safe for human consumption.

Now, while the final step is only a little far away from this point, as the chickens are now about to enter the market where you buy them from. As mentioned above these birds are collected and processed into meat only when they grow up to an ideal weight, which is optimal to be sold. Romanian poultry farm always ensures that the chicken they send out to be processed is first thoroughly examined. It is a short trip from the farm to the processing plant when a chicken spends its life in a cage.

Later, after the chickens have been transported to the processing plant successfully, they're processed in quick and humanely way possible so as to spare them of an elevated amount of pain. Once this process has been done, they're thoroughly washed to remove them of any unwanted material, kept at a high temperature to make them chill. They're then inspected by the food authorities people to make sure that the meat that is about to enter the market is edible and does not violet any rules that are associated with food. Once the inspection has been completely done, the meat receives the permission to hit the market from where it comes to your table.


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